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Music History Day for August 28

This is Music History Day for August 28. On this date:

* In 2009, DJ AM passed away from what was determined to be an accidental overdose, after many people thought he had committed suicide.
* In 2009, after many fights between the Gallagher brothers, the band Oasis finally broke.
* In 2003, the famous Britney – Madonna – Christina kiss happened during the MTV Video Music Awards.
* In 2001, the album No More Drama was released by Mary J. Blige.
* In 1964, Bob Dylan introduced the Beatles to smoking pot.
Born on this date:
* Shania Twain
* LeAnn Rimes
* Jake Owen
* country singer Billy Grammer
* singer / actor Donald O’ Connor
* actor / musician of Tenacious D Jack Black
* Wayne Osmond of the Osmonds
* Daniel Seraphine of Chicago
* Dave Hlubek of Molly Hatchet
* Martin Lamble
* Honey Lantree of the Honeycombs
* singer / actor David Soul
* Ken Andrew of Middle of the Road
* John Perkins of the Crew-Cuts
* DJ Assault
* Alfonso Herrera of RBD