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Music History Today for June 28

This is Music History Today for June 28. On this date:

* In 1928, Louis Armstrong recorded West End Blues, considered by some critics to be the single most important recording in the history of jazz.

* In 1975, David Bowie released the song Fame. John Lennon co-wrote the song and also sang backup.
* In 2016, Scotty Moore, who played in Elvis’s backup band, passed away.
* In 1969, Crosby, Stills and Nash released their first album.
* In 1978, GG Allin passed away from a drug overdose.
Born on this date:
* Rudy Vallee
* Richard Rodgers of Rodgers and Hammerstein
* Kellie Pickler
* David Knights of Procol Harum
* singer Cathy Carr