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Music History Today for June 29


This is Music History Today for June 29. On this date:

* In 1888, a recording of Israel in Egypt by Handel was made on a wax cylinder. It is the first known recording of classical music.

* In 1988, Lionel Richie was caught in bed with another woman by his wife. His wife was arrested for assaulting him for it.
* In 1998, George Harrison announced that he had cancer.
* In 1974, Neil Peart joined Rush.
* In 1984, Bruce Springsteen recorded his Dancing in the Dark. His dance partner in the video was a then unknown Courteney Cox.
* In 2007, Apple released a phone that could also play music and go on the Internet. It was the first IPhone, starting the era of the Smartphone.

Born on this date:
* Little Eva, who sang the Locomotion
* Nicole Schersinger of the Pussycat Dolls
* Stedman Pearson of Five Star
* Evelyn Champagne King
* Colin Hay of Men at Work
* Billy Hinsche of Dino, Dezi, and Billy
* Ian Palce of Deep Purple
* Derv and Lincoln Gordon of the Equals
* Gilberto Gill
* songwriter L. Russell Brown
* Billy Storm of the Valiants
* Leonard Lee of Shirley and Lee
* songwriter Frank Loesser
* Hollywood legend and singer Nelson Eddy