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Music History Today for October 1

This is Music History Today for October 1. On this date:

* In 1962, Barbra Streisand signed a record contract. It was her first, with Columbia Records.
* In 1982, the first compact disc player came out, produced by Sony.
* In 1970, Janis Joplin recorded her last songs.
* In 1969, the Beatles put out Abbey Road.
* In 1962, the Beatles & Brian Epstein signed a managerial contract.
Born on this date:
* Julie Andrews
* Albert Collins
* Keith Duffy of Boyzone
* Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra.
* Youssou N’Dour
* Andy Walton of Kenny
* Cub Koda of Brownsville Station
* Martin Turner of Wishbone Ash
* Rob Davis of Mud
* Mariska Veres of Shocking Blue
* Donny Hathaway
* Barbara Parritt of the Toys
* Jerry Martini of Sly & the Family Stone
* Herb Fame of Peaches & Herb