News for May 1

      Let’s start with some news. You may have heard of the Fyre Festival. It was the festival that was started by Ja Rule & his festival partner Billy McFarland. They promoted a festival being held on a small island in the Bahamas. They had splashy social media posts with models in bikinis swimming in the ocean, lots of sandy beaches, big name bands like Blink-182, etc. 

     People spent thousands to go to this festival. Unfortunately, the organizers bit off more than they could chew on this one. They picked an island that really didn’t have the infrastructure to support thousands of people being on it. The entire this was a disaster. Bands started backing out, the facilities were half built, and a lot of people were really unhappy. 
     This week, the organizers announced that people were going to get refunds for at least the tickets. I’m not sure if anybody’s getting their money back on the airfare that they spent getting there and back. At the very least, it shows a few things. The first is that you have to realize that, in the words of the old advertising saying, let the buyer beware. Sometimes, the sizzle of social media doesn’t match the steak of the real world event. Second, if you’re going to try to organize something of this magnitude, you better hire some people who have done it before. I think that the organizers had good intentions but what they thought was going to be a small, exclusive event got way out of control. Lesson learned.